What is Videodone?

VideoDone is a service which turns your raw video files and other media materials into a cool movie or video presentation. We don’t use any automatic video compilation software to make your movie. Our highly experienced editors will produce a high-quality video especially for you.

What type of video can I order?

We edit one, three and five-minute-long videos in any type of format — a love story, travelling or vacation highlights, a family get-together, a video of a wedding or one for a surprise gift, an extreme sport video or one shot from a drone — it can be anything, really!

We also edit corporate videos, transforming them into ads, presentations, video blogs, educational movies or movies telling viewers about your company.

How does commenting on video preview work?

While watching a preview, you can click directly on the video, and our smart system will save the moment at which one of our editor needs to correct something. Just briefly explain in your own words what you'd like to change, then our editor will make changes and you'll receive an email notification when an updated version of your video is ready.

After you've received an updated video you can either keep commenting on it, if your chosen tariff plan allows it, or accept the video as it is. We also keep all the versions of your video updates until the moment you've accept the final variant, just in case you decide to return to a previous version. After you've accepted the video, no further commenting or modification is possible.

How much does it cost to make a movie?

Depending on the chosen movie length, the amount of uploaded files for editing and sessions of comments, you can go with any of the three options that we offer — 69€, 149€ or 349€. You can also make payment in US dollars.

I can't upload my media files. What could be the problem?

How good is your internet connection? Check if your internet is working and if the signal is strong enough. Close any tabs and windows on your internet browser that you do not need — it shouldn’t be overloaded.

Maybe you have added too many files? Check the plan you have chosen to make sure you're not going over the file download quota.

If everything is in order at your end and the file download still isn’t working, drop us a line at support@videodone.io and we'll see if there is a problem at our end.

Why are the video files downloading so slowly?

Check whether during the download you have a working torrent or internet TV. If so, it would be better if they were closed while you are downloading the files. The capacity of your computer can also be an issue, so consider that too.

The system isn’t accepting my file during the download. Why?

At the section for media file downloads, you can add video or photo files of any format. Please make sure you have not started downloading any text or audio files there. Audio files for soundtrack can be added in the soundtrack section.

If you continue experiencing any difficulty with the file upload, please drop us a line at support@videodone.io.

Can you shoot a video for me?

You film, we edit! This is our slogan and what our service is all about. So, no, we don't shoot videos, but we are great at editing videos shot by somebody else.

I would like to order a video editing project for my company. How should I proceed?

Fill out a form and leave a short description of what type of corporate video you'd like to make. Our manager will contact you shortly with an offer.

What if I have no idea what soundtrack I should choose for my video?

In that case you can trust us to make a good choice for you!

How do I create my editing project with VideoDone?

It is so intuitive and easy – you will love it! First, register your account – it only takes a moment. Then fill out a brief, telling us what your movie will be about and how you want it to be edited. After that, you will be transferred to the checkout page, where you can make a payment. After that, you will be able to download your media files, add a soundtrack and confirm your project. You will be notified when your preview is ready for commenting.

How many comments can I leave for my video preview?

Comments at VideoDone are organised in sessions. In each session you can leave as many comments as you like. Depending on your chosen plan, you will be entitled to one, two or three sessions of comments.

How can I receive my money back?

Your satisfaction is our number one goal. But if you're not fully satisfied with your video, please take a look at the terms below. VideoDone provides refunds in the following cases:

i) Your movie preview was not done in compliance with the video brief that you filled out.

ii) We failed to deliver video preview within the time stated in the tariff plan. Please note that the start of the video preview delivery waiting time determined by your chosen tariff plan begins at the moment you confirm your project by clicking the Start Project Now button.

If either of these two cases apply, in order to receive a refund, send a written request to support@videodone.io within three business days of the moment the project was approved. You will receive your money back within 30 calendar days, excluding refund transaction fees retained by the processing company from the total price paid by you.

I would like to work with VideoDone. What type of cooperation do you offer?

VideoDone establishes productive partnerships with hospitality industry representatives, sports trainers and equipment rentals, wedding planners, event organisers, and many other types of professionals and companies. For more information, please contact us at eugene.mankov@videodone.io

Please tell me more about how payment transactions are processed at the moment of purchase.

All payment data is encrypted and securely processed by Swipe. We never store any cardholder information on our servers.